About us

Transportation  Projects  Board (T.P.B) Is one of the BOARDS  of the Ministry of Transportation ,responsible for  implementation of development plans and programs for the transportation  projects  sector (roads, ports and airports),through a select group of engineers, technicians and specialists, , and  has a legal personality and independent financial situation.

Among  the  responsibities:

  • Prepare technical and economic studies, designs and engineering specifications and put  financial estimates for the implementation of infrastructure projects included in the plan and development programs, and follow-up all projects ( roads, bridges,  civilian airports, ports and ……ect).
  •  achieve the goals of the (T.P.B)  and complete the implementation of development programs for infrastructure projects under construction (   roads, bridges,  civilian airports, ports and……. ect ) in accordance with the priorities of the target.


Libya to be a  global transit point for  different transport (air, land and sea) And linking the African continent to Europe and Asia.


  • The development of aviation facilities, ports, roads and advancement to keep up with the  requirements of transport, and  the development plans of the country.
  • Internal transport network linking all neighboring countries to facilitate road transport and take advantage of the various  transportation from Libyan ports.
  • Provide the best services to citizens to be able to navigate throughsafe and modern  Transportation .


  • Transparency: in contracts and contract awards.
  • Quality: concern for implementation of the projects according to the best international specifications and by  high efficiency contractors.
  • Faithfulness :  provide our services and expertise to contribute to the progress of our  country (Libya).